Welcome to Tax Smart.

Tax Smart, Inc. is a full service Tax, Accounting and Bookkeeping firm geared specifically to help the small business owner.

We know what it takes to succeed in business and we have experience in owning and operating businesses so we know the challenges that you face.                     

As a small business owner your time should be spent on the most valuable task of growing your business. Let us use our small business expertise to help you handle the rest.

We also provide Income Tax Preparation for Individuals, Small Business and Corporations.

31 Years Experience.



We will strive to exceed the expectation of our clients in all ways possible.

Providing satisfaction in a professional manner.

The well-being and success of our clients are vital to our operations.

The embedment of timely productivity, services with accuracy and professionalism shall at all time be the core of our business.

We believe that you as a client must continue to feel a part of this company in order for us to continue the progress and development that bring you, our customers, great satisfaction and comfort.

Respect and the equal treatment of everyone – clients and staff alike – is a major objective within this company.

We’re concerned about the accomplishment and success of all Clients.

Accountability in service and operation is our major goal in meeting the different daily challenges and objectives.

Our ideas shall be a combination of everyone willing to offer an opinion.

This we believe will breed sincerity, honesty and hard work that will allow understanding, satisfaction, development and progress.

99 Main St., Unit 5, Dartmouth, NS 

Phone: (902)444-3431
Fax:     (902)444-3432

Email:  Info@taxsmart.net


Be ‘Smart’ about your taxes and accounting

Tax Smart, owned by Michael Bavis, is located at Unit 5, 99 Main Street in Dartmouth, NS.

We are located accross from Swiss Chalet, Lawtons on Main Street. It is beside the former location of St. John Ambulance. Other businesses in the building include Dr Fung, Dentist, Choice Health Centre, Katies Taylor Shop and Aable Fuels.

Tax Smart – as its name suggests – specializes in preparation of income tax for businesses, corporations and individuals.

Michael Bavis, founder of Tax Smart, has 27 years of income tax preparation and 35 years accounting experience.

Tax Smart also provides a complete bookkeeping and payroll service, including HST reporting, whether you need it throughout the month, quarter or year.

We provide accounting support, including monthly bank reconciliation and financial statement preparation.

Why pay other accountants more than $2,000 for your corporate tax return when we will do it for $1,000 or less (depending on complexity)? We’ve filed thousands of corporate returns.

Tax Smart is home of OnePriceTaxes, where we charge you a flat fee for your personal tax return. There are no surprises and no need to worry about what’s on your return as 80 per cent of the returns done will be done at that one flat fee. If you have a more complicated return, then please call and we can quote you a fee before you even come to the office. We offer discounts to students, seniors and our military service men and women.

You never have to visit the office to do business with Tax Smart. You can fax or email your slips to us and after we give you a call to do a short phone interview we will complete your return. The interview can also be done by email if you wish. You can also complete the interview on the this website (See Submit Tax Information above) which will give us most of the information we need to start your tax return, but we promise you a complete tax interview before anything gets filed.

You can drop off your return at the office and we will normally get back to you within 48 hours to complete your return. We pride ourselves on providing a fast and efficient service.

You can also call and get an appointment for a private income tax consultation.

Tax Smart prides itself on integrity in income tax preparation and accounting. We’ll do everything within the law to get the best possible return, but you can rest easy at night and know your accounting and income tax has been done to the highest possible ethical standards.

A better business solution for your small business is leaving the accounting to the experts while you focus on running your business.

We also back up our services with a guarantee that says that if an error is made, we will look after any interest or penalty you incur and we provide audit assistance.

Improve your cash flow and take away the headaches of dealing with taxes by using dependable bookkeeping and accounting services from Tax Smart Accounting and Bookkeeping. As a small business owner you can save time and money by leaving the accounting to us. You’re the specialist in your business and we’re the experts in accounting.

The importance of reliable, accurate bookkeeping to your business success can’t be undervalued. Let us help you achieve your business success.

Michael will always give you quality service and we’re open year round to serve you.

Please Note: We are NOT a Cash Back Instant Refund Service 

            Dartmouth Hours:

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Please note: If you cannot make it during our office hours please call for an appointment and we will try to accommodate.